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ISDH: This Year’s Flu Season is Particularly Bad


Experts in the Centers for Disease Control and the Indiana State Department of Health are saying his year’s flu season is particularly bad.

On Friday, the I.S.D.H. updated their list of flu-related deaths to 167 reported individuals. Deputy state health commissioner and state epidemiologist Pam Pontones says this flu season—which is measured from October 1st until mid-May—has been marked by a more difficult-to-manage flu strain.

The CDC is reporting the flu as ‘widespread’ throughout the continental United States. Pontones says I.S.D.H. is urging people to get their flu shots and take basic precautions, like washing your hands often.

Four flu-related deaths have been reported in Monroe County. Pontones says the CDC released enough flu vaccines so that ISDH doesn’t have to worry about running out any time soon.

Pontones says those at the highest risk of suffering fatal complications from the flu are over the age of 65. She says anyone experiencing severe flu symptoms, including shortness of breath, dizziness and vomiting, need to see a health care provider immediately.

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