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Connecting you to community resources to help keep your budget balanced
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Ins and Outs of Money – Funding Your Fun


Nobody said “money smart” has to mean “no fun.” In fact, budgeting for good times lets you enjoy yourself without having to worry about damaging your financial well-being.

Ins and Outs of Money – The 411 on Financial 911s


Your family may have an emergency plan for things like tornadoes and fires, but do you have one for your finances? Kristina offers options for stocking up your household’s financial first aid kit.

Ins and Outs of Money – Spend This, Not That


Three alternatives to common expenses, and how to take advantage of them.

The Ins and Outs of Money


WFHB’s weekly financial segment The Ins and Outs of Money.

The Ins and Outs of Money is produced by Ryan Stacy and edited by Dan Withered, in partnership with the Monroe County Public Library and The United Way of Monroe County.

Fun Around Town with No Money Down


College classes are back in session! You can have a social life this semester without going broke—if you know where to look for the many opportunities for free fun around town.

Dial This Extension for Money Smarts


Along with every other Indiana county, we have a Purdue University Extension that offers free resources to the community. Among those resources, says Emily Roth, are money-managing information and education.

Ins and Outs of Money – Air Conditioning


It’s tempting to switch on the air conditioning when temperatures rise outside. Careful—that cool air is expensive. By being money smart, though, you can avoid turning on the A/C in the first place, and use it wisely when you do turn it on.

Ins and Outs of Money – Growing Your Money Through Investing


When you hear “investment,” you might think “risky.” Richard Shockley of IU’s Kelley School of Business reveals the secret of growing your money in the market simply and without the risk of get-rich-overnight investing schemes.

IOM – Money Smarts on the Road


If you’re lucky, you get a chance to get out of town a few days each summer. But just because you’re taking a break from work doesn’t mean you’re taking a vacation from being money smart.

Ins and Outs of Money – Time to Take Control!


Do you have a good handle on your finances? If you paused before answering, your control over your money might not be as tight as you’d like to believe it is.

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