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Anna Maidi and Aubrey Seader are interviewed by the Indiana Daily Student for a story about their Muslims of Bloomington project. (TAE-GYUN KIM / INDIANA DAILY STUDENT)

Interchange – The Hijabi Diaries: Muslim Women Speaking for Themselves


For today’s Interchange we bring you a special anthology episode of the local podcast “The Hijabi Diaries” which is a joint production of the Islamic Center of Bloomington and friends Aubrey Seader and Anna Maidi.

Seader writes of the project on her website that she and Maidi,

started hearing more and more anti-Muslim rhetoric coming out of the mouths of politicians and ordinary Americans, and as we stood in the wake of a violent attack on a member of the Bloomington Muslim community, we knew we had to do something to reach out to ordinary, non-Muslim, Americans and help them understand Islam, and American Muslims who practice.

That references the attack on a Muslim woman outside of Sofra Cafe last October by IU student Travis Bickford who is said to have shouted “white power” and “kill them all” as well as ethnic slurs. He also attempted to remove her hijab.

One way Seader and Maidi decided to reach out is this podcast, “The Hijabi Diaries.” In it Muslim women speak about their lives, their faith, why they choose to cover, or wear hijab, and their thoughts about anti-Muslim prejudice in the U.S.

The Hijabi Diaries
Muslims of Bloomington (blog)
Openhearted Campaign
Two women begin project for Muslim understanding and tolerance
Bloomington community shows support for Muslim woman who was attacked outside cafe (Video)
The Forgotten History of Islam in America

Music heard in this episode of “The Hijabi Diaries” by Baraka Blue and Pearls of Islam.

By Tae-Gyun Kim for the Indiana Daily Student. The presence of this photo does not indicate an IDS endorsement of this program or of The Hijabi Diaries.

Intro: “Lord Help Me To Be” (A Monastic Trio, Alice Coltrane)
Break: “I Want To See You” (A Monastic Trio, Alice Coltrane)
Outro: “Living Space” (Infinity, John Coltrane with overdubs by Alice Coltrane)

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

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