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Interchange – Steve Akers, Lucille Bertuccio – Simply Bioneers


Host Andy Mahler is joined by two of the principal organizers of this year’s Simply Bioneers Conference – Steve Akers, Associate Director for Environmental Operations within Indiana University’s Residential Programs and Services, and Lucille Bertuccio, president of the Center for Sustainable Living. The Simply Bioneers Conference will run from October 20-22 and features three days of presentations, offered via satellite, from the Bioneers conference in San Rafael, California, as well as live panels on local food, energy and sustainability issues. Lucille and Steve share information about this year’s program and how previous Bioneers speakers have inspired them. They also offer examples of positive and profound social change that the Bioneers are undertaking in communities across the country, share information about related programs underway in the Bloomington area, and speak about how people can get involved.

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