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Interchange – Shodo Spring


Host Lisa-Marie Napoli interviews Shodo Spring, local resident who is a “priest in training” at the SanShin Zen Community. Additionally, Shodo is involved in the community as an artist, counselor, and activist. The beginning of the interview highlights Shodo’s life in Bloomington and the philosophies behind her Zen practices. Next, Shodo discusses her nature-based (time and place) art photography and various aspects of her activist work. Shodo shares powerful stories about her journey on a Zen Pilgrimage along the Mexican border – the stories are both daunting and inspiring. Her greatest insight from the experience was to witness an abundance of “giving and receiving” throughout her pilgrimage adventures. Finally, Shodo discusses her important work as a counselor and provides resources and contact information for people interested in zen practices, photography or counseling.

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