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Interchange – Redneck Muslim: A Special Episode of the Hijabi Diaries


Tonight in lieu of Interchange we’re going to share another special episode of the local podcast The Hijabi Diaries. This one is called Redneck Muslim and explores one woman’s lifelong attraction to organized Religion.

Host Aubrey Seader offers the life story of one woman, her name is Dawn, a member of the Bloomington Muslim community, who has practiced three very different religions, and lived a life full of adventure.

The music used in this episode of The Hijabi Diaries comes from Joe Pug, Pearls of Islam, and Baraka Blue.

The Hijabi Diaries is produced by Anna Maidi and Aubrey Seader in association with the Islamic Center of Bloomington and The OpenHearted Campaign.

To listen to or download the full 63 minutes of Redneck Muslim got to the show’s own website. Here is the episode description:

On this hour-long special episode of the Hijabi Diaries, we ask the questions “What does religion bring to us as humans?” “Why do those of us who are religious dedicate so much time to practicing traditions, attending worship services, growing in our faith, and aligning our lives with the commands of our faith?” In a sense we are asking “This religion thing… what’s it all about? Why?” We’re going to explore these questions through the life story of one woman, a woman named Dawn, who has been a member of three very distinct religions, suffered abuse and trauma throughout her life, was separated and then reunited with her beloved daughter, and found who found herself a few years ago in Islam.

“Spiritual Eternal” by Alice Coltraine off of the 1976 album Eternity

Producer: Doug Storm
Editing: Rob Schoon
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

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