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Interchange – Racist Revolutionaries: The Alt-Right Uprising?


Our opening song for this program, “Racist Revolutionaries,” is a counter-statement: “Money Jungle” from three greats of Jazz, Duke Ellington, Max Roach, Charles Mingus.

As has come to be “SOP” here, we like to choose music illustrative of our program; sometimes this comes from a sideways angle, but it’s usually fairly direct that the music reflects the content. For this program, we didn’t want to do that as it seemed it might actually enforce that content. Instead we wanted to reject it. But more than that, we wanted to offer brilliance and culture in opposition. You’ll hear in what follows how the “Alt-Right” often takes liberal or left terminologies and turns these upside down to serve a racist, segregationist, and white supremacist agenda. You’ll hear terms like “race realism” and “indentitarian” and even “peaceful ethnic cleansing”–words and phrases crafted to sound sensible, thoughtful, civil. At one point you’ll hear a 19th century canard coming out of the mouth of one of these “conversos” to “race realism”–that “people of color” are not sufficiently advanced in civilization to “handle” freedom. It doesn’t take a village; it takes a white master.

So to this we counter with Ellington, Roach and Mingus and ask you to ponder the ways you might think about that song (and album) title, “Money Jungle,” in the context of these artists and our capitalist, foundationally racist, country. That as prelude and preparatory to what follows.

Our show today features three segments, produced and recorded by journalist and WFHB volunteer Dan Young, which examine what has been labeled the “Alt-Right,” a new, white supremacist political movement that has endorsed Donald Trump. This group (and it is amorphous and welcomes many strange bedfellows) seeks to make a revolution that would overthrow the political establishment and create an anti-democratic society of racial apartheid.

To Shane Burley and Matthew Lyons for their help providing background information.

From Money Jungle, Duke Ellington, Max Roach, and Charles Mingus
“Money Jungle”
“Very Special”
“Fleurette Africaine”

The Little Führer: A day in the life of the newest leader of white nationalists (Al Jazeera America)
I’m a PhD student, and I can’t wait to vote for Donald Trump, by Pete Calautti (Vox)
White Power Meets Business Casual by Hannah Gais (Washington Spectator)
With Trump As Its Nominee, The GOP Is No Longer A Conservative Party by Avik S. A. Roy (Forbes)
An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right (Breitbart)
Matthew Heimbach: Extremist Files (Southern Poverty Law Center)
The Trump campaign just selected a white nationalist leader as one of its delegates in California


Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Episode Producer: Dan Young
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

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