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Interchange – Madeleine Tuttle


Host Andy Mahler talks with vegan artists, educators, and activists Will and Madeleine Tuttle. Will is an author who lectures widely throughout the U.S. and Europe on animal rights. His recent work “The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health” has been called the ultimate “why go vegan” book. Will is also a Dharma Master in the Zen tradition and maintains a successful music career with six albums of original piano music, including the vegan favorite “Animal Songs”, the first instrumental album to feature the voices of animals mainly thought of as food in our culture. Madeleine is a Swiss-born painter whose deep love for animals lights her work. Her creative blending of vibrant and delicate colors speaks to her vision that within the inherent tension of opposites and underlying a vast arrays of differences there is a mysteriously unifying life to be explored and celebrated. Will and Madeleine are co-founders of Karuna Music and Art and The Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals. The Tuttles describe their experiences as “wandering pilgrims”, touring in a low-impact RV and conducting an educational ministry of music, art, and vegetarianism.

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