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Interchange – Local Historic Preservation


Host Lisa Morrison explores local historic preservation issues with four guests from the “frontline”. Steve Wyatt is Executive Director of Bloomington Restorations Inc., a non-profit saving our community’s oldest and most unique buildings, with some rehabilitated into affordable housing. Matt Joiner and Josh Lyons represent the Campus Historic Preservation Society, actively working to prevent Indiana University’s planned demolition of the Kappa Sigma fraternity house, a 1926 Chateauesque historic structure and a former hangout of Hoagy Carmichael. Joiner notes that IU is the only institution in the state exempt from historic preservation ordinances, in this case allowing the university to demolish Kappa Sigma without the approval of the Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission. City Council President and longtime historic preservationist Chris Sturbaum also joins the program – Sturbaum was a prominent figure in the struggle to save the Von Lee Theater and continues to fight for Bloomington’s architectural and cultural heritage.

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