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Interchange – Healing Mind and Body: Maria Abegunde


Maria Eliza Hamilton Abegunde explores healing mind and body through the power of “memory healing” and the spiritual practices of Reiki. In the first segment, Abegunde discusses what it means to be a “memory keeper”, including her own personal discovery of ancestral memories and how these memories have shaped her life. She reads from her novel “The Ariran’s Last Life” to illustrate the power and depth of the ancestral spirit in the role of a memory keeper. In the second segment, Abegunde describes how dreams, encounters and premonitions led her to her calling as a healer and the “Power of Yes” as a way of starting the healing process and building the courage required of healing. The process of healing is the principal subject of our third segment, in which Abegunde discusses the roles of “consciousness” and “awareness” in the spiritual practices of Reiki.

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