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Interchange – Farewell Transmission: The Life and Music of Jason Molina


Today’s show, “Farewell Transmission: The Live and Music of Jason Molina” opens with “Not Just a Ghost’s Heart” from Songs: Ohia’s album Ghost Tropic released in November of 2000.

Jim Manion

Jason Molina was a prolific songwriter and bandleader who released music under the names Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Company from 1997 through 2009. A Secretly Canadian recording artist, Molina periodically lived in Bloomington, Indiana, and toured with a Bloomington-based band – throughout the United States as well as England, Ireland, Europe, and Australia. After a long struggle with alcoholism, Molina died in 2013 – leaving behind a large body of work and a complicated legacy to sort out. Author Erin Osmon does just that in her new Jason Molina biography, Riding With the Ghost. WFHB Music Director Jim Manion talks with Erin Osmon, and presents some rare WFHB archival interviews and live performances.

I’m one of those guys that wants to build the wall a little further and make the bat a little bit more old-timey, so you gotta be that much better each next time.

Archival material originally recorded at WFHB by Shane Young and and at Russian Recording by Mike Bridavsky. The segment featuring Glen Hansard was originally broadcast on WFHB in February 2012. The interview was hosted by Katie Moulton and engineered by Jim Lang and Dan Withered.

The Life and Times of Jason Molina: Erin Osmon Author Talk
Friday, August 04, 2017 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Author Erin Osmon discusses her new book Jason Molina: Riding with the Ghost, chronicling the life of world-renowned songwriter—and former Bloomington resident—Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Elec. Co.). The talk is followed by a Q & A featuring the author and special guests who knew Molina.

Erin Osmon

Erin Osmon is a writer and editor who covers music and culture. Her work has appeared in the Pitchfork Review, SPIN, Chicago Reader, FLOOD, among many other print and web publications.

Jason Molina website
Hold On Magnolia by Erin Osmon
Jason Molina’s long dark blues by By Max Blau (Chicago Reader)
Erin Osmon’s Jason Molina: Riding With the Ghost follows the rise and fall of the beloved singer-songwriter

Introductory and Breaks: “Not Just a Ghost’s Heart”
“Shiloh” The Magnolia Electric Co. – Live on WFHB 2007
“Rider. Shadow. Wolf” The Magnolia Electric Co. – Live on WFHB from Russian Recording 2009
“Hold On Magnolia” performed by Glen Hansard – Live on WFHB 2015
Outro: “Farewell Transmission”

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Episode Producer and Editor: Jim Manion
Assistant Producer: Rob Schoon
Executive Producer: Wes Martin

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