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Phil Ochs

Interchange – Entertainment Inaction: The Liberal Use of the Cause


Our show today, “Entertainment Inaction,” is in two parts and is a special for our Spring Fund Drive. Cast a glance up and to the right of the page (right next to Phil’s head)…see that big red “Donate” button? You know what to to.

PART ONE: Listen, Liberal
Assistant Producer Rob Schoon sat down in the WFHB studio with bestselling author Thomas Frank to discuss his latest book, Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? Our focus for this segment is on the professional liberal political class and its failure in the 2016 election: One of the “most-qualified” presidential candidates in history lost to one of “least-qualified” presidential candidates in history. How did that happen?

PART TWO: Sounds of (In)Action
Rasul Mowatt returns for a second episode in our “Sounds of Resistance” series. This time on songs that are a part of entertainment activism–often promoting a status quo inaction against the song’s and the artist’s purported intentions.

Thomas Frank is the author of Pity the Billionaire, The Wrecking Crew, and What’s the Matter with Kansas? He is also a former columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Harper’s Magazine, the founding editor for The Baffler, and 2005 winner of the Eugene V. Debs award.

Rasul Mowatt is Associate Professor of American Studies and Associate Chair and Associate Professor in Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies with the School of Public Health at Indiana University.

Withering on the Vine by Thomas Frank
Protesting at Lunchtime: Defying Trump Becomes a Washington Lifestyle
Protesters, You Better Dress for Success
Ani DiFranco’s faux-pology: White privilege and the year in race
Righteous Retreat Cancelled (DiFranco’s website)
Not Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

“Alfie’s Theme” Sonny Rollins
“That’s Just the Way It Is” Bruce Hornsby
“Changes” Tupac Shakur
“Pride (In the Name of Love)” U2
“Love Me, I’m a Liberal” Phil Ochs
“Self-Evident” Ani DiFranco
“By the Time I Get to Arizona” Public Enemy
“Chicago” Graham Nash
“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” Gil Scott Heron
“Mississippi Goddam” Nina Simone

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Assistant Producer: Rob Schoon
Board Engineer: Jennifer Brooks
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

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