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Interchange – Emily Cheney – Cooperative Living


Host Mylo Roze interviews Emily Cheney, IU student and focalizer of Bloomington Cooperative Living, Inc., a fledgling non-profit organization devoted to establishing a network of intentional communities comprised of individuals and families that wish to live together and share resources with one another. This episode on “Simply Living Cooperatively” delves into Cheney’s vision of model communities that help foster economic empowerment, social equity and ecological sustainability within the planned collectives as well as in society in general. Among the values elucidated by Cheney are governance by consensus and “kwunsensus”, supporting local food providers, modes of conflict resolution for parties in tension or dispute and creating deeper connections between neighbors. Detailed in this episode are the inception, history and process of the group, which grew out of Cheney’s studies and travels, potluck dinners with other students and various programs, departments and courses at Indiana University. A specific site being considered for an initial student collective and plans for future development, meetings and events are also explored.

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