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Interchange – Elizabeth Lyon


Host Lisa-Marie spends an hour with Bloomington resident Elizabeth Lyon, who has competed in more than fourteen marathons despite her ongoing challenges with multiple sclerosis. Elizabeth also travels the country talking about her life story as an ambassador for MS LifeLines. Learn about the intricacies of multiple sclerosis and Elizabeth’s story of her personal journey with the affliction as she is able to sustain her marathons and share her inspiring story with others. Elizabeth is starting a “running and walking club” for people in the south-central Indiana area with multiple sclerosis and their family and friends. Another part of the discussion focuses on the importance of a healthy, positive attitude for dealing with MS. The motto that Elizabeth and the MS LifeLines group emphasizes is “live your life, not your MS” and “celebrate your abilities” rather than focusing on the disabilities associated with MS. Listen to this inspiring and informative show highlighting Elizabeth’s journey with MS.

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