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Interchange – Dwight Worker


Dwight Worker returns for another lively conversation with host Andy Mahler. Dwight Worker is the award winning Lecturer in the Information Systems Department of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University (he received the Kelley Trustee Excellence in Teaching Award for 2002 and 2003 and been recognized as the Teacher of the Year for the past three years by the students in the information systems department), who is also an environmental activist, master gardener and world traveller — he has ridden his bike across England, Ireland, Mexico, Central America, and Cuba among other countries. He is also the only person since Pancho Villa to have escaped from Mexico’s notorious Lecumberri Prison. We discussed that adventure the last time Dwight visited Interchange. This time we will be talking about ‘Hitting the wall’: where the world is going, and where the 21st century could take us; and ‘Answering the call’: a whale of a tale of adventure and intrigue with the Sea Shepherd.

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