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Interchange – Censorship and Sensibility: Extended Version


EXTENDED VERSION: “Censorship and Sensibility” features local author and film scholar Joan Hawkins in conversation with writer Laurie Stone. Stone was in town to read from her latest book as part of the Player’s Pub Spoken Word series organized by the Writers Guild at Bloomington. A longtime writer for the Village Voice, theater critic for The Nation and critic-at-large on Fresh Air, Stone’s new book of stories, My Life As an Animal, is composed from around the edges of multiple forms, memoir, fiction, journalism, essays and criticism.

This is a special extended version of Joan Hawkins’ conversation with Laurie Stone. This additional segment focuses on feminism, theater criticism, and the influence of Kate Millet and Sexual Politics.


Radio Version: Censorship and Sensibility

Laurie Stone
Joan Hawkins






Interview by Joan Hawkins
Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Assistant Producer: Rob Schoon
Executive Producer: Wes Martin

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