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Interchange – Anthony Arnove

Joining Tom Healy is author, activist, people’s historian and Bloomington native Anthony Arnove. Arnove recently stopped by the WFHB studios to discuss various new and exciting developments in the Voices of a People’s History dramatic reading project that Arnove created with acclaimed historian Howard Zinn; including a forthcoming documentary. Arnove talks about his book, Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal which was recently released in paperback. Arnove describes not only the costs and difficulties of the U.S. military occupation of Iraq, but also the effects of the on-going economic occupation of the country and how it has devastated the lives of millions of Iraqis. While many politicians frame withdrawal with the terms “cut and run” Arnove outlines a principled, reasonable alternative. He and Healy also survey the mainstream media distortions that undermine the country’s widespread peace movement and propose strategies for increasing the movement’s effectiveness.


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