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Indiana University Student Abandoned In Cave for 60 Hours


Indiana University is under fire after a student was left in a cave for three days and two nights.

The student, Lukas Cavar, was left in a cave after fellow classmates and student instructors failed to realize that Cavar was not with them when they returned to campus from Sullivan Cave, in southern Monroe County.

Cavar stated that he become separated from the group after going the wrong direction. He reportedly called out in hope that his fellow classmates would hear him. After a half an hour Cavar preceded to try to find an exit. He used already drawn graffiti arrows to find his way back to the entrance of the cave, but found the entrance gate locked.

Cavar’s classmates and instructors failed to recognize Cavar’s absence, even after reportedly using a buddy system that relied on students to account for their partner. Safety policy also reportedly requires caving instructors to take a head count before and after expeditions.

Cavar says he survived without food or water by collecting moisture off of cave walls after he was able to wander back to the entrance.

He then reportedly spent hours screaming for help, without cell phone signal. His phone soon died during the ordeal. Cavar was finally rescued after one of his friends contacted IU. The teachers of the caving class then went back to the cave where they found Cavar on Tuesday. He was reportedly given water, a bowl of pasta and a left over Big Mac. The instructors reportedly apologized to Cavar and stated that safety protocols are being reevaluated for future trips.

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