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Indiana Department of Homeland Security Surveys Hoosiers On Disaster And Emergency Readiness


The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is gauging Indiana citizens’ readiness for emergencies and disasters through a brief online survey.

Ian Connor, public information officer with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security said the survey will help the public safety community gain a greater understanding of how prepared Indiana residents are and how to help increase that preparedness.

“We are doing the survey to engage Indiana citizen’s readiness in the case of a disaster. We want to know how prepared they feel to help us plan how we do our messaging. In the survey we ask if they have preparedness kits and how they get their emergency information like through Facebook or TV,” Connor said.

This is not the first time IDHS conduct the survey. The survey was last conducted in 2011. According to Connor, one of the most compelling findings then was the difference in the level of preparedness in different parts of the state.

“We found that citizens in the northwest parts of the state seem more ready than other parts. There is also a disparity between those who felt they were prepared in urban or rural areas. People in rural areas seem to be more prepared,” Connor says.

Residents of rural areas were nearly 12 percent more likely to be prepared than residents in urban areas. Three of the four highest-scoring regions, based on IDHS districts, were in the northwest portion of Indiana.

The Interstate 69 corridor from Marion to Allen counties showed a relatively low level of preparedness in the 2011 survey. The 10-minute online survey can be found on the IDHS website under the Featured Topics Section: “IDHS Citizen Preparedness Survey 2013.”

The survey will stay open until at least Friday, September 20, 2013.

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