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I’m Homeless: Ron Schuler


For every mat on the floor of the Interfaith Winter Shelter there is a story of loss, and a story of hope. This week we are speaking with experts on homelessness in Bloomington, those who have studied the causes and effects of homelessness through firsthand experience. All week we bring you first hand accounts from residents of the Interfaith Wintershelter, and those working on an alternate system once the shelter closes April 1st.

Today on “I’m Homeless” we hear from Ron Schuler. Ron uses the Interfaith Winter Shelter every night and has a list of health problems the inhibit him from finding employment. As bad as his situation is, Ron doesn’t want to leave town because his mother lives in a care facility in the area, so he still spends his days applying for jobs, and helping the summer shelter group seek a permanent solution for emergency shelter in Bloomington.

I’m Homeless is a production of WFHB Bloomington Community Radio
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Thank you to all those who told their story as part of this series, and for those who volunteer their time to assist at the interfaith winter shelter.
Thanks to Billy Young for providing tracks from his Album Church of Trees – dedicated to Bloomington’s Homeless

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