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I’m Homeless: Heather and Granny


This week we are speaking with experts on homelessness in Bloomington, those who have studied the causes and effects of homelessness through firsthand experience. Our expert Glen knows that alcoholism is no party. Our expert Angela has studied the effects of homelessness on college students, Our expert Billy has found that when housing rolls in, success comes tumbling after. Hear these stories and others, directly from those who have experienced homelessness in Bloomington.

Today on “I’m Homeless” we hear from a Grandmother and Granddaughter duo staying at the Interfaith Winter Shelter. Until she was 18 Heather was in foster care, but now that she is a legal adult she is on her own when it comes to securing housing. With a history of eviction, many low-income programs won’t take her. Four moths pregnant and running out of options, she recently followed her Grandma to the interfaith winter shelter, where I met her earlier this month and she walked me through the adaption process of becoming homeless.

I’m Homeless is a production of WFHB Bloomington Community Radio
Audio engineers are Rob Powell, Ilze Ackerbergs, and Adam Reichle
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Thank you to all those who told their story as part of this series, and for those who volunteer their time to assist at the interfaith winter shelter.
Thanks to Billy Young for providing tracks from his Album Church of Trees – dedicated to Bloomington’s Homeless

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