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I-69 Developer Disrupts Road Project in Tunisia

The financially-troubled multinational company responsible for building and maintaining Section 5 of Interstate 69 has now reportedly disrupted a major road project in Tunisia.

Tunisie Autoroutes, which is responsible for managing highways in Tunisia, has just cancelled a contract with Isolux Corsan, which had been hired to build a 13-mile stretch of motorway there. According to Africa Intelligence, the financial troubles at Isolux Corsan led to the cancellation.

Isolux Corsan sought protection from its creditors in Spanish court last month and is in the midst of restructuring.

Tunisia is not the first government to back out of a contract with Isolux Corsan in recent months. Bolivia cancelled contractual guarantees on a project worth more than $150 million last month after a subsidiary of the company reportedly failed to meet deadlines.

Officials in Bloomington have voiced concern in recent months about the future of Isolux Corsan. The state of Indiana hired the company to build and maintain 21 miles of I-69 between Bloomington and Martinsville for 35 years.

For now, city officials say subcontractors are continuing to work on the road project, which is behind schedule.

Subcontractors, including the Bloomington-based Crider and Crider, did stop work on I-69 temporarily last year after Isolux Corsan failed to pay them.

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