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Hola Bloomington – September 19, 2014


Hola Bloomington’s hosts Israel Herrera, Carlos Bakota and Luis Hernandez host a special segment  “Un Cafecito con” Lotus Edition. The hosts interview Aurelio Martínez and Las Cafeteras both artists will be performing at Lotus International Music festival.

Los locutores de Hola Bloomington Israel Herrera , Carlos Bakota y Luis Hernández albergan un segmento especial “Un Cafecito con” Lotus Edition. Los locutores entrevistan a Aurelio Martínez y Las Cafeteras ambos artistas estarán presentandose en el festival Internacional de Música de Lotus.

Hola Bloomington – September 12, 2014


Hola Bloomington’s hosts Carlos Bakota, Luis Hernandez, Maria Auxiliadora and Araceli Gómez-Aldana continue discussing the topic of immigration. Today’s topic is immigrant’s impact on the the economy. What are the problems the country is facing and if there are solutions.

Hola Bloomington – September 5, 2014


This week Hola Bloomington will begin a series on immigration. Hola Bloomington’s hosts Carlos Bakota, Luis Hernandez and Maria Auxiliadora talk about the history of Latinos in The United States.

Hola Bloomington – August 29, 2014


Hostess Maria Auxiliadora Viloria, Minerva Sosa y Carlos Bakota, interview Lillian Casillas director of LA CASA Latino Cultural Center IU.

Hola Bloomington – August 22, 2014

Hola Bloomington is WFHB’s Spanish radio program.

Hola Bloomington August 15, 2014


WFHB’s Spanish radio news program.

Hola Bloomington – May 30, 2014


Hosts Luz Maria Lopez and Carlos Bakota talk to Lehua Aplaca and Guadalupe Lopez about summer programs for kids and families at the NW YMCA.  Minerva Sosa interviews visiting reporter, Vicente Crespo about his travels and work in Spain in her segment “La Mesa Redonda”.  Also, sports and updates on summer events around town!

Hola Bloomington – May 23, 2014


Hosts Ramon Tristani and Minerva Sosa discuss the local stage production from the Bloomington Jewish Theater, “Sonia Flew” about Cuban migrants to the Midwest with actor Mauricio Miranda and we hear from Dr. John Nieto-Phillips about his experiences with the IU Latino Film Festival.

Hola Bloomington – May 16, 2014


Hostess Cristy Padilla and Maria Auxiliadora talk to Lillian Casillas  (director of La Casa) and Mario Garcilazo about the summer opportunities for youth. Also our segment of sports, “desde los pasillos…” and the events of the week.

Hola Bloomington – May 9, 2014


Hostess Minerva Sosa and jenny Gibson interview Anita Park with a PhD in Hispanic Literature, teaches Spanish and italian at the Lifelong Learning Center, and talks about her experiences in Bloomington, her work and her love for the arts. Also Colin Airriess with sports, Luis vs Luis, mesa redonda with Minerva Sosa and the events of the week.

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