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Daily Local News Headlines

Daily Local News – October 8th 2014 (Annual State of the Unversity Address – 年度大学报告)


President Michael A. McRobbie is set to deliver the annual State of the University address – 迈克尔·A·麦克罗比将发表年度大学报告

Bloomingfoods Workers Hold Rally in Support to Unionize


Workers at Bloomingfoods are holding a rally today in support of efforts to unionize. Dakota Walker, a Bloomingfoods employee and an active participant in the union organizing drive talks about the purpose of the rally.

Walker said that the rally is about employee empowerment- it’s an effort to make our community stronger. The goal is to enable and protect the rights of the working class of the Bloomingfoods co-op. The Bloomingfoods workers realize that the rally is important in deciding their fate.

The rally is scheduled to begin at the Monroe County Courthouse Square at 5 p.m. and proceed to Bloomingfoods’ near westside store at 316 West Sixth. Participants will then march to Bloomingfoods’ administration offices at 117 South Gentry Street where they will deliver their message to the Board who are scheduled to meet at 6pm.

Walker explained, “There has not been a neutral stance from Bloomingfoods, and now they publicly say that they have been neutral and haven’t caused any trouble when they have.” He said that the rally is an attempt to get Bloomingfoods to step forward and admit to what they have done.

Bloomingfoods administration released their first statement regarding the effort yesterday, stating that the co-operative, fully  respects and supports staff’s legal right to organize. It also reads, “Throughout this process, we have been respectful and cooperative—meeting with union representation on a regular basis and refraining from any public comment until we were able to assimilate what we learned from others.” Walker then talks about the current stage of union organizing.

Walker said, “They have not called for a vote yet. It has been going very well, it’s been amazing signing people up who are interested in their rights and exercising their rights. Right now there are a large percentage of people involved, and there will remain a lot of involvement. There’s no fear of not enough people, that’s for sure.”

The organizers must get forty percent of line employees to sign union membership cards before going to the National Labor Relations board to ask for a formal vote by the employees. If fifty percent vote in favor, the Board will then certify the workers bargaining unit and the employer will then be approached to open negotiations for a first collective agreement.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Indiana’s Appeal to Ban Same-sex Marriages


Today, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would not hear an appeal from the state of Indiana, together with four other states, to district court rulings against same-sex marriage legal bans in these states. In Indiana’s case, Attorney General Zoeller had appealed to the Supreme Court against the September 4th ruling of the Seventh Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals which, in turn, had upheld the June 25 ruling in Southern District of Indiana Court, which struck down the state law banning both marriage in Indiana for same-sex couples, and recognition of same-sex marriages performed outside the state. Southern District Judge Richard Young had ruled that dual prohibitions violated due process and equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Ken Falk, Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana and a member of the legal team that mounted the original appeal against the Indiana prohibitions responded to today’s decision…

Play audio for more.

New Consumer Protection Laws Proposed

Yesterday Attorney General Greg Zoeller announced new proposals to strengthen consumer protection laws in Indiana.  Among the top complaints are those dealing with home repair and construction scams.  Often home repairs are needed immediately because of weather or emergency-related events.  In these cases, homeowners often feel they don’t have time to examine all the alternatives and this leaves them more susceptible to dishonest contractors. Zoeller is proposing a voluntary registration system for contractors available to the public online.  This would simplify homeowner access to information about reputable contractors.  To be listed a contractor would be required to post a bond to cover customers in case the contractor violated Indiana’s consumer protection laws.

Another big consumer complaint concerns debt-collection practices, especially when the debt is not legitimate.  Zoeller is proposing new protections requiring debt collectors to increase transparency during the initial contact with the consumer by immediately identifying themselves as a debt collector and disclosing from whom the debt was purchased.

Zoeller is also supporting extension of the Senior Consumer Protection Act to include additional protections for veterans and the disabled.  These proposals will be taken up by the next Indiana General Assembly which convenes in January.

Indiana State Department of Health releases hospital’s mistake records; No Local hospitals cited

This past week the Indiana State Department of Health released statistics based on the Indiana Medicine Error Reporting System which tracks hospital’s medical mistakes, everything from bed sores to surgical implements accidentally left in patients’ bodies after surgery. According to Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. William VanNess: “The purpose of the Medical Error Reporting System is to identify sources and significant opportunities to improve quality of care for Hoosiers. This is part of the Indiana State Department of Health’s continuing efforts to improve health and care for Hoosiers.” In 2006 Indiana became the second state to adopt the reporting standards of the National Quality Forum’s 28 Services Adverse Effects Survey, In 2013 the survey of 293 Indiana hospitals, birthing centers and abortion clinics found 111 incidents of health malfeasance. These included 45 severe bed sores reported; 27 incidents of a foreign object retained in a patient’s body after surgery; 18 surgeries performed on the wrong body part; and 12 falls in the hospital resulting in a death or serious disability. No local hospitals  – neither IU Health Bloomington Hospital nor Monroe Hospital, were listed in the 2013 data as having any “preventable errors.” It was Monroe Hospital’s fourth straight year of a perfect record and IU Bloomington Hospital’s second time in three years.

October is National-Adopt-a-dog Month

Bloomington Animal Shelter joins shelters across the United States in recognizing October as National Adopt-a-Dog Month.  Special events are planned where adoptable dogs will be present at locations around Bloomington on Saturdays.  Locations include Bryan Park, the library, Upland Brewery and the Farmer’s Market.  During the month of October the dog adoption fee is reduced to $40, which includes vaccinations, spaying or neutering, microchipping and heartworm testing.

According to Laurie Ringquist, Director, City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control, October is usually the most successful month for dog adoptions.  Last October 104 dogs were adopted compared to an average of 60-80 dog adoptions for other months.

Animal Rights Group Stages Monthly Protest At Bloomington Chiptole


On Saturday, September 27 an animal rights activist group named Direct Action Everywhere staged a protest at Bloomington’s Chipotle Grill on Kirkwood street.

Jeff Melton, the local organizer for Direct Action Everywhere, says he and another protester went to Chipotle to protest their business practices and claims.

Melton says that the group takes issue with all fast food chains for their source of factory farmed meat products, but that businesses like Chipotle and Whole Foods that brand themselves misleadingly are a high concern. The protest matches others nationwide as part of a larger month-long effort by Direct Action Everywhere against species-ism.

Species-ism is defined as the exploitation of nonhuman animals for their meat, skins, their labor, or in scientific experiments. Melton says that they did not receive the hostility that protesters elsewhere have received, and that some people approached the protesters after the demonstration to gain more information.

Chipotle advertises its offerings as “food with integrity” and offers information on their website about the benefits to “naturally” raised farm animals. They also state that “Though the process is more complex, we are trying to find suppliers who can provide us with pasture-raised poultry and pork. Eventually, we want all of our meat to come from suppliers who meet these standards. We’re definitely working on it. Stay tuned.”

Direct Action Everywhere estimates that more than 100,000 animals are killed to be eaten each  minute world wide, and points out that undercover investigations have shown factory farms to terminate animals in cruel ways while they are still conscious.

Melton says that he chooses to demonstrate support for animals because they can not advocate for themselves.

Correction: IU investment in Central Heating Plant

Yesterday the Daily Local News inaccurately reported that Indiana University has recently decided to invest $34 million in the Central Heating Plant, including the addition of higher efficiency coal burning systems. This information was taken from an outdated press release. We strongly regret this error.

IU Professor Dr. Jonathan Raff Honored with Faculty Early Career Development Award By The National Science Foundation

Jonathan Raff, an associate professor in the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) and an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, is the recipient of the National Science Foundation’s five-year Faculty Early Career Development Award.  He has been awarded $649,000 which will be used to support research and teaching.  Dr. Raff’s research involves the chemistry of air pollution and how it impacts climate.  He is also interested in science education and will use part of the award to develop learning modules based on ozone monitors installed at Indiana high schools.

Dr. Raff joined the faculty of SPEA in 2010.

“Rise Above the Mark” Showing Tonight at Bloomington North

“Rise Above the Mark”, a documentary film focusing on Indiana’s struggles with public school reform will be shown tonight at 6:30 at Bloomington High School North.  The film was produced by the West Lafayette Community School Corporation.  The film looks at issues of school choice, standardized testing, the A-F grading system of schools and the role of politics and legislatures in education policy.

The film is narrated by Peter Coyote.  Rocky Killion, the superintendent of West Lafayette Community School Corporation, will introduce the documentary.  Judy DeMuth, superintendent of Monroe County Community School Corporation, Gerardo Gonzalez, dean of the IU School of Education, and Erika Peek, a teacher from Summit Elementary School, will also be present for a discussion following the movie.

The showing is sponsored by the Indiana Coalition for Public Education and the IU School of Education Graduate Student Association.

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