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Grant Program Providing Snacks to Elementary School Ends


A program that provided afternoon snacks to Fairview Elementary School students has hit a roadblock.

Monroe County Community School Corporation spokesperson, Andrew Clampitt, says the grant that funded the program has just ended, leaving many students without afternoon snacks. Clampitt says free afternoon snacks are particularly at Fairview Elementary, where a particularly high rate of students receive free and reduced cost lunches.

Clampitt explained the benefits of the program to students: “Studies have shown that the food provides students with energy. It increases their attention and focus on activities they are working on. That’s why it’s important that we provide breakfast and lunch to students that need it. Snacks are really important as they get towards the end of the day to fill them up and keep their energy levels up.”

Clampitt said he didn’t know how long the grant-funded program had been in place, where the grant came from, or how large the grant was. WFHB left a message for Principal Marti Colglazier, but we did not get a call back by our deadline. Clampitt says the school is accepting donations of snacks to provide to students. Anyone interested in donating snacks can bring them to the front office of Fairview Elementary School or send an email to fairview_PTO@yahoo.com.

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