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Ellettsville Town Council Approves 2018 Budget


The Ellettsville Town Council gave its final approval yesterday to the town’s 2018 budget, but not without some controversy.

Council member Brian Mobley says he feels administrators have unfairly cherry-picked a select number of employees to get raises next year. Mobley was the lone “no” vote on the town budget.

Mobley says he had figured out a way to give ALL the town’s employees a raise, but he, “was denied.” Mobley did not give details on how he would have funded raises for all Ellettsville Town Employees.

Council member Kevin Ferris asked for a response from Fire Chief Mike Cornman.

Council President Scott Oldham, who is a Bloomington Police Officer, also responded to Mobley’s remarks, differentiating between the number of part time HOURS funded and the hiring of actual police officers.

Oldham said he wished more money was available to fund raises for town employees.

The council went on to approve hiring a new, part-time police officer. Police Chief, Ellettsville Town Manager, and School Board Member Jimmie Durnil said the new hire will REPLACE a recently hired PART-time officer who is now leaving for FULL time employment with another agency.

Mobley was the only council member to vote against the hire.

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