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EcoReport features and special reports
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EcoReport – Kerwin Olson: Citizens’ Action Coalition


In today’s EcoReport feature, Kerwin Olson, executive director of the Citizens’ Action Coalition discusses the many ways Indiana House Bill 1320 was designed to shut down solar power in the state.

EcoReport – Will Potter: The U.S. Government’s “Green Scare”

This week on Ecoreport, we hear an interview from 2012 with journalist Will Potter, which took place prior to Potter speaking at the I-U campus. Potter has written extensively on the “Green Scare” and the U.S. government’s efforts to criminalize environmental and animal rights activists — and even label them as terrorists.

EcoReport – Amphibian and Reptile Species in Indiana


This week on Ecoreport, Mike Luurtsema from Hoosier Forest Watch and Sarabeth Clue-Mundy from Indiana DNR discuss the status of different amphibian and reptile species in Indiana.

EcoReport – Mining Close to Home: IU Professor Michael Hendryx


This week on Ecoreport, IU Professor Michael Hendryx discusses the health implications of living near mining operations.

EcoReport – Christmas Bird Count


In today’s EcoReport feature, Bob Kissell interviews team leaders for the upcoming local Christmas bird counts, which are part of an annual nation wide Audobon society event.

EcoReport – Karst Farm Greenway


In today’s EcoReport feature, we hear about the new Karst Farm Greenway, a trail on the west side of Bloomington.

EcoReport – Ellie Sims: Hilltop Garden And Nature Center


In today’s EcoReport feature, IU Campus Beekeeper Ellie Sims discusses the joys and challenges of maintaining bee hives at the Hilltop Garden And Nature Center.

EcoReport – First Presbyterian Church: Don Hollinger


In today’s EcoReport feature, Don Hollinger from First Presbyterian Church discusses how the Church accomplished a 90% energy cost reduction through the installation of LED lights.

EcoReport – Jonathan Raff: Hazards of Ozone Pollution


In today’s EcoReport feature, IU Professor Jonathan Raff discusses the health hazards of ozone pollution caused by cars, coal power plants, and nitrogen fertilizers.

EcoReport – The monarch butterflies’ dangerous decline


In today’s EcoReport feature, local biologist Marti Crouch talks about the reasons for the dangerous decline of monarch butterflies and the need to protect them.

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