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EcoReport features and special reports
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EcoReport – Amita Baviskar: Political Ecology


Filiz Cicek talks to Amita Baviskar about Political Ecology, and how caring for the environment is also a quest for Social Justice.

EcoReport – Bird Banding in Greene County


WFHB correspondent Bob Kissel recently interviewed Jess Gwinn and Maureen Forest from their rural Greene County bird banding station about their 5-year participation in the national research program mapping avian productivity and survivorship.

Derek Wall on Elinor Ostrom – Economy and Ecology


The Bogazici University Summer School on Institutions, Justice and Democracy was held this June in Istanbul, Turkey. The event included discussions on environmental justice. Filiz Cicek spoke with one of the attendees, Derek Wall, who is the International Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales. Wall discusses late IU Professor Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel Prize-winning theories on economy and ecology.

EcoReport Feature – The Bean Blossom Bottoms Conservation Area


In this EcoReport Feature, Sycamore Land Trust Communications Director Katrina Folsom discusses their effort with the State of Indiana to establish the Bean Blossom Bottoms Conservation Area.

EcoReport – Community Members Raise Concerns of PCB Contamination


For decades, a group of chemical compounds called PCBs have caused massive problems in Bloomington. In today’s feature, Emily Beck looks in to the current status of PCB contamination in the city.

EcoReport – Myke Luurtsema: Wild Areas


Myke Luurtsema of the Indiana Forest Alliance talks about their Wild Indiana Campaign and it’s proposal to set aside Wild Areas in the Indiana State Forest System.

EcoReport – Indiana Dunes


In today’s EcoReport feature, Bowden Quinn talks about a controversial development at Indiana Dunes State Park.

EcoReport – Professor Vicki Meretsky on Frogs


In today’s EcoReport feature, I.U. environmental scientist Vicki Meretsky discusses frogs, their role in our environment, and the types of these amphibians found in Southern Indiana.

EcoReport – Kent Webb on Deer Population Management


Researcher Kent Webb discusses the science and politics of deer population management.

EcoReport – Michel Mann: The Denial of Global Warming


In today’s EcoReport feature, Dan Young speaks with Nobel Prize-winning climate scientist Michael Mann who discusses his contribution to understanding global warming, and the vicious attacks his work has faced from climate deniers.

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