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Eco Report – March 30th, 2018


In this week’s episode of Eco Report, WFHB’s Linda and Glenn Lightner report on two local organizations being commended for their environmental sustainability efforts, Monroe County officials debating about the creation of an Intermediate Processing Facility, or IPF, to reduce waste sent to the landfill and DNR considering a measure that would force animal control to euthanize captured raccoons, possums and coyotes. Also in this weeks rundown in ecological news the Eco Report team looks into a study published on March nineteenth in the journal Nature Climate Change finding that decreasing carbon emissions across the globe could save one hundred fifty million lives.  All and more in this radio rundown of ecological news.

This week’s news stories were written by Sarah Vaughan, Wes Martin, Jonah Chester, and Linda Green. Jan Walker produced Get Out and Hike, and Cindy Beaulé edited the segment. Julianna Dailey compiled our events calendar. Kirsten Payton is our engineer and audio editor. Andrew Brown edited the script. Producer is Rebecca Mueller. Executive producer is Wes Martin.

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