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Eco Report – April 12th, 2018


In this weeks episode of Eco Report, WFHB’s Andrew Brown and Don Geyra report on a new study from University College London finding that the gulf stream current is weakening, the report called ‘the Future of the Sea’ predicting that the amount of plastic debris in the oceans will triple within the next seven years and the world’s last male northern white rhino death. Also in this weeks news a international report found that the exploitation of resources worldwide is reaching a critical level, the supply of level of atmospheric nitrogen available to plants and Wyoming’s proposition on the hunting of the bears. All and more in this weekly radio rundown of ecological news.

This week’s news stories were written by Norm Holy and Linda Greene. Jan Walker produced Get Out and Hike, and Cindy Beaulé
edited the segment. Kirsten Payton is our engineer and audio editor. Andrew Brown edited the script. Producer is Rebecca Mueller. Executive producer is Wes Martin. Julianna Dailey compiled our events calendar.

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