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Donnelly Opposes Regulations on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Indiana Democratic Party Senator Joe Donnelly has joined Republican Party members of the state Congressional delegation in opposing increased regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants. Donnelly, GOP Senator Dan Coates and Indiana Republicans in the House of Representatives, sent President Obama a letter last week, requesting that he reject new proposals from the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Indiana’s two Democratic Representatives, however, did not sign the letter.

The proposed EPA rules would require new coal-fired electricity generating plants to meet the same green-house gas emissions limits as those for natural gas-fired plants. All new electrical generation facilities will be allowed to pump a maximum of 100 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for every megawatt of electricity produced.

The letter from Donnelly and his allies claims that this new limit would increase the costs of generating electricity from both upgraded and new coal plants, which would render them uncompetitive with other electricity generating sources, and