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“I Need Help” – Voices of Kirkwood


Over the past week, the owners of Nick’s English Hut in Bloomington have led a group of businesses in downtown Bloomington voicing concern about crime along Kirkwood Avenue. The issue sparked controversy on social media after Nick’s co-owner Susan Bright referred to “bum commerce” in the area. At a meeting at Nick’s last Wednesday, many businesspeople urged the police to arrest downtown visitors who use drugs or commit other petty crime in public. One of the main complaints has been about panhandling. For today’s WFHB community report, News Director Joe Crawford spoke with three residents who routinely ask for money along Kirkwood Avenue.

CLAAD Recommends Policies to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse


Recent legislation at the federal and state levels has been aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse and improving treatment for those addicted. But the Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence, whose mission is to do the same, believes more needs to be done. WFHB News correspondent Jordan Guskey looked into the Center’s 2015 national strategy update and how Indiana shapes up for today’s WFHB Community report.

A Blue Dot In a Sea of Red, Bloomington’s Liberal Attitudes Compared to the Rest of the State


Bloomington, and especially Indiana University, is often referred to — politically speaking — as a blue dot in a sea of red. A strong majority of voters here favor Democrats, in stark contrast to the rest of Indiana. Conservative media often accuse of universities such as IU of indoctrinating students to favor liberal causes. WFHB correspondent Kara Tullman  wanted to know how local youth, who often move here from conservative small towns, adopt viewpoints and values that differ than the majority of those in their hometowns. She brings us that story for today’s WFHB community report.

Professor publishes account of wrongful detainment


Indiana University Professor Christine Von Der Haar is back in the news after publishing a full account of her wrongful detainment in 2012. After settling her lawsuit against the federal government in April, Von Der Haar is ready for her story to be heard again. WFHB correspondent Ivy Bridges brings us that story.

Needle Exchange Program draws criticism from Indiana Prosecutors


Late last month, the Indiana Department of Health issued a declaration allowing the state’s first ever long-term needle exchange program. The program in Scott County is intended to slow the spread of HIV there. Needle exchanges have been outlawed in Indiana for decades. Many in state government, including Governor Mike Pence, have long opposed the programs. That changed somewhat earlier this year, when Pence approved a month-long needle exchange in Scott County to deal with the unprecedented HIV outbreak there. Now that the state legislature has passed a law allowing the program to stay in place for at least a year, there is still debate in Indiana over the use of needle exchanges. WFHB correspondent Kara Tullman has that story.

Spencer Pride’s Judi Epp discusses this Saturday’s Pride Festival


The 9th annual Spencer LBGTQI Pride Festival will take place this Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM. This year’s theme is Color our World with Pride. The festival is held by the Spencer Pride group. Correspondent Kara Tullman spoke with the group’s director, Judi Epp, for this WFHB community report.

Andrea Murray Reflects on Life as a Female Journalist


Early in her career, veteran Bloomington newspaper editor Andrea Murray faced a choice that would define her professional existence: a high-profile gig at a major corporate newspaper, or return home to cover stories in her community. She followed her heart. Murray joined the staff of the Bloomington Herald-Times as a part-time copy editor in 1987 and retired in 2014 as Managing Editor, concluding a 27-year run at the paper. Last month Murray spoke to journalism students at IU as part of a panel discussion of women in media, where she reflected on the challenges and triumphs of a life dedicated to saying “yes” to her audience. Instructor and moderator Chad Carrothers and his class of J200 students are surprised to find out that Murray’s original intent was broadcast…but THAT class was full.

That was veteran Bloomington newspaper editor Andrea Murray speaking to journalism students at IU earlier this year. IU instructor and former WFHB General Manager Chad Carrothers moderated that discussion. To hear Murray and three other local women journalists discuss the challenges women face in the newsroom, you can go to wfhb.org.

Hydraulic Fracking A Concern For Hoosiers


The state of Oklahoma has experienced an increased number of earthquakes in recent years and researchers there say the seismic activity appears to be linked to oil and gas drilling. Specifically, the earthquakes seem to be connected to the use of hydraulic fracking, a process that also occurs in parts on Indiana. WFHB correspondent Kyle Boen looked into whether Hoosiers should be worrying about increased risk of earthquakes and we bring you that story now in this WFHB exclusive.

Bloomington Announces It Will Offer Its Workers Gender Reassignment Surgery


The City of Bloomington has announced it will offer its workers health care that includes gender reassignment surgery and other needs specific to transgender people. Correspondent Sierra Gardner has that story for today’s WFHB community report.

“We Didn’t Ask” – A Secretive History in Vietnam


Everyone has a story to tell. And as loved ones grow older, those stories become more and more precious to their family members. But what do you do when they have stories that they don’t want to tell? Indiana University student David Crosman brings us the story of his Grand Uncle, Louis Adams, and his secretive involvement in the Vietnam War. This story comes courtesy of American Student Radio and the IU Media School.

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