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2016 IU Summer Theater Season Preview

David Kortemeier appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. — with Jessica Schroeder and Tara Chiusano at IU Wells-Metz theater.

This month, the Wells-Metz theater will host alternating nights of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and Jane Austin’s “Sense and Sensibility”, starring four professional actors from the Actors’ Equity Association, as part of the 2016 IU Summer Theater Season. Doug Storm sat down with the actors for this week’s Interchange, a wide-ranging conversation about the challenges and rewards of performing repertory …

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The Hijabi Diaries

Today we bring you a new episode of the Hijabi Diaries, a local podcast produced with the Islamic Center of Bloomington. Episode Four features Melani, who speaks about why she wears her hijab, what it was like moving from Indonesia to Bloomington, why she loves being a teacher and a mother, and what her hopes are for her future.

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Bloomington Police Appoint LGBTQ Liasion

Detective Sergeant Dana Cole and Sergeant David Alley have been appointed to lead a new LGBTQ liaison initiative from the Bloomington Police Department. According to a press release, the LGBTQ liaison program is meant to foster positive relationships and build communication between the police department and the LGBTQ Community. Earlier today, I spoke with Sergeant Cole about the liaison program …

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Strategic National Arts Alumni Project Reveals Long Term Benefits to Studying the Arts

Results from a survey by the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project reveal many skills deemed crucial in a variety of business settings can have their roots in arts education. Sarah Vaughan spoke with the project’s director Sally Gaskill about the long term influences of artistic study. You can learn more about the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project and view their …

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Sandy Baker – Sewing Her Dreams

Sandy Baker is a member of the Bloomington community. She has lived and worked here for several years. But through her elaborate costumes, she can visit the fantasy worlds of her favorite stories. Taylor Haggerty brings us that story for today’s WFHB community report.

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Poet Takes the Pole: The Reemergence of an Official Poet at the Indy 500

When you think of the Indianapolis 500, poetry probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. The race hasn’t had an official poet since 1920, when William Herschell’s poems were printed in the race program each year. This year, the organization Indiana Humanities wanted to bring back the Indy 500 official poet, so they ran a contest to pick …

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Students Call for Equality Across College Campuses

Today’s feature story explores a recent outcry from college students across the country, who are seeking racial justice and peace on campus. Sit-ins, protests, walkouts and demonstrations occurred on college campuses throughout the last school year. As Maddie Levin reports, IU is no exception. Each Monday during June and July, the Daily Local News is bringing you reports produced through …

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Doctors Urged Not to Overprescribe Painkillers Under New Guidelines

This week Governor Mike Pence’s Task Force on Drug Enforcement, Treatment, and Prevention, endorsed a new set of guidelines for how emergency rooms treat acute pain. According to the Governor’s office, the guidelines are part of a larger strategy aimed at reducing drug abuse in the state. News Director Joe Crawford spoke with a representative of Indiana’s hospitals, and we …

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Urgent Need for Foster Families

An increase of children in the child welfare system is sparking an urgent need for foster families. Sarah Vaughan speaks with Jamie Lawrence Nickels with the local office of the Indiana Division of Child Services, about the fostering process. We bring you their conversation now for today’s WFHB community report.

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Proposed Electrical Substation Concerns Residents

A plan for a new electrical substation near City Hall is drawing the ire of local residents, who say the proposed design will be a blight on the Maple Heights neighborhood and the new Trades District. Correspondent Jerrod Dill brings us the story.

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