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MCCSC Condemns State Takeover Attempt of Gary, Muncie

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The Monroe County Community School Corporation school board submitted a letter to Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s office— as well as to the state legislature— last week, condemning a law that would allow the state to take over Muncie and Gary community school corporations. The letter, which was signed by all of the MCCSC board members, states, “[The MCCSC board of …

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Big Talk! w/ Michael Glab: Joan Hawkins Pt. II

Associate Professor at Indiana University’s Media School, Joan Hawkins, is helping organize a conference and festival marking the 50th anniversary of a landmark, revolutionary year in global history. Titled “Wounded Galaxies 1968: Paris, Prague, Chicago,” the conference runs from February 6th through the 11th on the IU campus and at various venues throughout Bloomington. A pre-conference festival begins with a …

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Residents Voice Opinions on Transportation Plan

WFHB Assistant News Director Sarah Vaughn reports on a public meeting over the city of Bloomington’s transportation plan. Residents were asked what they liked and disliked about the current state of getting around in the city in a public charette held Monday. Groups commented on a variety of issues concerning Bloomington’s infrastructure, including pedestrian and bicycle safety, accessibility and flow …

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Unions Organizing Donnely Re-election Effort

Indiana President Brett Voorhees says the state’s AFL-CIO chapter is currently lobbying to get Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly re-elected. Donnelly’s seat is currently considered a Democratic bastion in one of 11 states where Republicans hold a super majority, and is the target of several Republican hopefuls this election year. Voorhees says the AFL-CIO is also employing nearly a dozen …

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Bail Bond Laws Disproportionately Effect the Poor

When people are arrested as suspects for a crime, they are often held on bail. That money is held as a guarantee that the accused will show up for a court date. But, as WFHB’s Jonah Chester reports, the bail bond system can have a disproportionately harmful effect on the poor, often leading them to lose their housing, jobs, and …

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UndocuHoosiers: 106,000 Indiana Residents at Risk of Deportation

The Federal government is scheduled to reopen tomorrow, after the Senate moved forward on a spending bill earlier today. At the heart of the shutdown is an ongoing debate over immigration, specifically the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals policy, or DACA, which was implemented by President Obama in 2010. Undocu-Hoosiers Bloomington is a student-lead organization advocating on behalf of undocumented …

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Bloomington Startup ‘Bee Corp’ to stop Hive Thefts

The Bee Corp is a Bloomington based startup that produces tracking devices for bee hives. This cottage industry took three IU undergraduates into the private sector, from raising capital through angel investors, to incorporating at the state level, to finding a space in the city’s proposed downtown tech park. WFHB Correspondent Jonah Chester brings us this report.

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Big Talk! w/ Michael Glab: Amanda Barge pt. II

Amanda Barge is a first-term Monroe County Commissioner and a rising star in the local Democratic Party. She appeared on last week’s Big Talk and, after the show, spoke with Michael Glab about what the Commissioners are up to these days. She’s also a family counselor in private practice and spoke about how politics can be a deal-breaker in some …

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New Law Collects DNA from Arrestees

Indiana’s legislature passed a law last session requiring law enforcement to collect DNA from people arrested in connection with a felony. That law went into effect on January first. The DNA, which is collected with a cotton swab from the inside of a person’s mouth, is then entered into a federal database. In this feature report, WFHB News Director Wes …

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Bloomington United Reforms

Bloomington United started as an anti-hate group after the murder of a Korean IU student by an avowed neo-nazi in 1998. Now, the group is reforming in response to what founder Rabbi Sue Laikin Silberberg calls a resurgence in hate groups and rhetoric.  Rabbi Siberberg announced the official reforming of Bloomington United during a press conference in Bloomington City Hall …

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