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Homeless Housing Project Officially Opens

The Reverend Forest Gilmore cut the ribbon on Crawford II housing development, this afternoon. The homelessness housing project is a joint effort by the Shalom Community Center and LIFE Designs, among others. Rev. Gilmore Spoke with WFHB News Director Wes Martin, about the opening of Crawford 2 and what it means for the communities in South Central Indiana. WFHB Assistant …

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MCCSC Terminates Contract Over Racist Content

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Yesterday, the Monroe County Community School Corporation voted to end a contract with a text-book provider over racist and insensitive content. MCCSC Spokesman Andrew Clampitt says the issue came to the attention of the administration on February 10th, when a parent complained. Clampitt speaks with WFHB News Director Wes Martin about the administration’s decision to sever ties with the educational …

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Into Hoosier Nat’l Forest’s Caves – Where Bats are Dying in Droves

Wikimedia Commons: 2018. U.S. Forest Service.

Caves in the Hoosier National Forest are being opened up, due to a mold that is effecting the local bat population and causing White Nose Syndrome. WFHB Correspondent Jonah Chester speaks with foresters about White Nose Syndrome, which has all but wiped out bat populations across the state, and forced the closure of many caves across southern Indiana.

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Bloomington Town Hall

Bloomington Town Hall featuring local opinion on the purchase of an armored car, by Bloomington Police Department.

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Love Songs for a Lasting World – A Middle Way House Benefit

Now in its third year, Love Songs for a Lasting World is described as a winter extravaganza of song and dance. It’s also a signature fund raiser for Middle Way House, a local nonprofit providing services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and human trafficking. This year’s concert honors former Middle Way House Director Toby Strout, who guided the …

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Statistics Rule at First ‘State of The Black Community’

Bloomington and Monroe County residents gathered for the first State of the Black Community in Bloomington City Council Chambers last night. Presenting at the conference were Safe and Civil City Director Rafi Hasan; Black Democratic Caucus Chair William Hosea; Attorney Geoff Bradley; and Associate Professor of Education Stephanie Power-Carter, along with Caleb Poer. The speakers presented research findings on racial …

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Residents Concerned Over BPD Armored Car Purchase

Residents of Bloomington spoke out this afternoon against the purchase of an armored car by city police. Dozens of reporters, local government officials and concerned citizens gathered in the Bloomington Police Department Headquarters at noon, to ask questions of BPD Chief Mike Diekhoff. Their concerns were largely that the $225,000 armored vehicle would be used against protesters, and represented an …

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Fungal Infection Threatens Bats

Indiana’s caves, largely focused around the southern karst topography of the state, are reopening. Hoosier National Forest prohibited entrance to its caves for fear of spreading a deadly fungal infection that’s ravaged bat populations. As WFHB correspondent Jonah Chester reports, the death of millions of bats has dire implications for other parts of the state’s ecosystem.

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Indiana’s Medicaid Requirements Driving Hoosiers Off Coverage

On Friday, U.S. Health and Human Services approved Indiana’s request to impose additional requirements on Medicaid recipients in the state. The approval makes Indiana one of only two states that require residents receiving Medicaid to have a job. Kentucky has applied for similar stipulations. Jesse Cross-Call, Senior Policy Analyst for the DC-based, non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, says …

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Indiana Re-Districting Bill Draws Hope For Non-Partisan Outcome

Former Bloomington Mayor and redistricting advocate Tomi Allison speaks about Senate Bill 326, which is currently up for amendments in the statehouse. Allison and the Indiana League of Women Voters are pushing for the redistricting of electoral districts by an independent non-partisan commission, and hoping that any final implementation will include a non-partisan, independent redistricting committee. In today’s Feature Report, …

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