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State Board of Education to Vote on Reducing Requirements for Teacher’s Licenses

Next Wednesday the Indiana Board of Education is scheduled to vote on new standards for how some teachers get licenses. The Department of Education has recommended lowering the testing requirements for early childhood educators. The mandatory test scores would be reduced in mathematics, science, social studies and English Language Arts. The vote comes amid a teacher shortage in Indiana. The …

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Extended Interview: Cook Medical Board Chairman on Medical Device Tax

The Affordable Care Act was passed more than five years ago but legislators continue to debate many aspects of the legislation. Over the past couple years there has been an effort to repeal part of the law that institutes a tax on medical devices. News Director Joe Crawford spoke yesterday with an opponent of the tax, Cook Medical Board Chairman …

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Behind Indiana’s Job Growth

The unemployment rate in Indiana reached five percent this month, but the statistics don’t tell the whole story. Correspondent Jerrod Dill brings us the story behind Indiana’s job growth for today’s WFHB Community Report.

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First Community Carbon Exchange Program in Development

A Bloomington resident is designing a first of its kind community carbon exchange program to implement in Bloomington. Once it’s underway, the program is intended to reward local residents for sustainable actions through incentives from local businesses. WFHB Correspondent Sierra Gardner spoke with the director of the program, Joe Davis, about the details and status of the program.

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Progress Slows for MRF

Progress on Monroe County’s new recycling facility has been slowed down over the last couple of months. Last summer, the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District Board of Directors and the County Council approved the establishment of a Materials Recycling Facility, or MRF (“murf”). That facility is intended to process and sell the County’s recyclables. A budget of a little …

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Personality Feature: “The People’s Diva,” Argenta Peron

Up next is a profile of a local personality – Argenta Perón, also known as “The People’s Diva” and the emcee for shows at The Back Door in downtown Bloomington. Off stage, Argenta is Patricio Battani, a recent Masters graduate from Indiana University’s School Public Health and HIV testing counselor who designs social media outreach for Positive Link here in …

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President Obama Proposes O.T. Rules Changes

President Obama recently proposed overtime rules that will change the pay threshold for employees to receive overtime pay. These rules have the potential to affect almost 5 million employees across the United States. WFHB correspondent Ivy Bridges spoke to Indiana University Labor Studies Professor Joe Varga, to get his opinions on the rule and how it could affect employers and …

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Eight Bloomington Residents Awarded Grants From Indiana Arts Commission

Each year the Indiana Arts Commission awards grants to further the careers of budding artists around the state. Of the thirty-seven grant recipients this year, eight were from Bloomington, including one piano player getting ready to launch a festival this August. Correspondent Jordan Guskey brings us that story for today’s WFHB community report.

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Finding Meaning In Tragedy


Elena Mnayarji is a typical high school senior. She likes to hang out with her friends, spend time in her hobbies, and plan out her college dorm room. But an event earlier this year lead her to reevaluate the way she sees her life. Her sister, Indiana University student Lauren Mnayarji brings us the story, which comes courtesy of the …

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Indiana Moral Mondays Prepares for Next Legislative Session

The group Indiana Moral Mondays is preparing for its second year of lobbying the Indiana legislature. The coalition formed last year and patterned itself after a series of protests in North Carolina. Indiana Moral Mondays steering committee member Erin Polley will be in Bloomington this coming Monday, July 20th, to meet with local supporters of the movement and discuss plans …

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