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Bloomington to Host Two Major Amateur Softball Tournaments

The City of Bloomington has just announced that in July of 2017 it will host two major tournaments for the Amateur Softball Association of America. WFHB correspondent Amanda Marino looked into how the tournaments could affect the larger community for this WFHB community report. The Amateur Softball Association presented Bloomington with a James Farrell Award of Excellence for hosting one …

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Cast of Characters: Stephen Lucas

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In the WFHB series, Cast of Characters, we go looking for local people with interesting personal stories. We bring you another installment of the Cast of Characters series now with WFHB correspondent Amanda Marino.

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“Disrespecting the Area” — The Changing Legality of Public Sleeping, in Bloomington and Beyond

Monroe County passed an ordinance in 2013 to set hours for use of the Courthouse lawn. The stated goal was to prohibit people from sleeping there.

One of the most clear challenges for a person or a family experiencing homelessness is finding a place to sleep. In many communities, including Monroe County, there are not enough shelter beds to meet the need. And for years, laws around the country have compounded the problem by restricting other options for places to rest. But that could be changing. …

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Chad Roeder Speaks to City Council About the Future of the Downtown Recycling Center

Last night the manager of Bloomington’s Downtown Recycling Center, Chad Roeder, spoke to the City Council about future plans for the facility. The Center is a public/private partnership between the city government and Roeder’s recycling business, Bloomington Pedal Power. Roeder also took questions from the Council. We bring you his comments now for today’s WFHB community report.

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Proposed Charter School in Bloomington Raises Questions

As we broadcast this evening, an evangelical Christian college based in Winona Lake, Indiana, is holding a hearing in Bloomington about whether to sponsor a charter school here. The meeting at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites on Franklin Road is being held to take public comment on the proposed Seven Oaks Classical School. A local group has proposed the …

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Switchyard Brewing Company Opening South of Downtown

Switchyard Brewing Company is a Bloomington brew pub that started in 2014. Since then, owners Kurtis Cummings and Michael Korus have been brewing their beer in holding tanks in their garage. Now the company is beginning to develop. Reporter Hannah Boone has more on the company’s new location and growing fanbase.

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The Future of Switchyard Park

In June, the City of Bloomington approved selling borrowing forty-seven million dollars to finance infrastructure work for the newly consolidated downtown Tax Increment Financing district. Twenty-five million dollars of that amount is to be used for development of Bloomington’s Switchyard Park. This park is planned for a roughly 58-acre piece of land on Bloomington’s south side, formerly used as a …

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Interview with Roger Hallas

A new center supporting documentary film production and research has been established at Indiana University’s Media School. The Center for Documentary Research and Practice began operations in September. This Friday, October 30th, Roger Hallas, a Distinguished Faculty Fellow at Syracuse University, will give one of a series of inaugural lectures at the Center called “A Medium Seen Otherwise: Photography and …

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Indiana Signs Agreement with Real Alternatives

The State of Indiana recently signed a $3.5 million agreement with Real Alternatives, an out-of-state crisis pregnancy organization that aims to reduce abortions by dissuading women through counseling. Correspondent Jerrod Dill brings us a look at Real Alternatives, and their role as an alternative to Planned Parenthood.

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Local Water Shows Increased Levels of Disinfectant Chemicals

The Bloomington Utilities Department notified residents earlier this month that there have been increased levels of disinfectant chemicals in the local drinking water. These chemicals are known as HAA5 and TTHM. They are a byproduct of chlorine, which is used by the Department at its water treatment plant to purify the water supply. In a recent report to the Bloomington …

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