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Profile: Tarot Card Reader Daun Fields

Bloomington resident Dawn Fields uses Tarot cards to offer advice and guidance to people willing to believe in their powers. For more on what inspired Fields to pursue a career in tarot, Peyton Lengacher brings us this story.

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Invasive Species Threatens Existence of Ash Trees in the Midwest

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive beetle attacking Ash trees across the Midwest. The beetle first showed up in Bloomington in 2008, with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources confirming its presence within city limits in 2012. And now the city’s urban forester says this may be the final year for landowners to save their ash trees. WFHB’s Joshua …

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TIF District Analysis Provides Surprising Results

Tax Increment Funding Districts, commonly known as TIF districts, were originally created to boost economic development in areas where businesses and the community itself, were struggling to thrive. Assistant News Director Sarah Vaughn spoke with author Michael Hicks of Ball State University about a newly released report on TIF districts. Our feature was produced by Sarah Vaughn.

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Hoosier Basketball Legend Shares Special Bond with a Player 60 Years his Junior

Archie Dees is a hall of famer at IU for his historic basketball career in the late 50’s when he won two Big Ten MVP’s. And Tyra Buss is currently a sophomore on the Hoosiers’ women’s team. Today, although they are 60 years apart in age, the two hold a special bond and friendship. Arthur Jones brings us that story …

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Richland Bean Blossom Schools adds ENL Resource

The Richland Bean Blossom Community School Corporation has a new resource for students learning to speak English. Assistant News Director Sarah Vaughn has more on that story for today’s WFHB community report.

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Bloomington Resident Matt Bruce Discovers Passion for Stone Carving

For today’s WFHB community report, we bring you the story of Matt Bruce, a local resident who found his passion for stone carving after an unfortunate wake-up call. Neil Hedlund has the story for today’s WFHB community report.

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Indiana University-Bloomington Receives Findings on School Diversity

This morning, a representative from the research and analytics firm, Halualani and Associates, presented the findings of a study into IU’s diversity efforts. Rona Halualani spoke to a group at the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center in Bloomington. According to the university, the report will serve as “a baseline measurement for Indiana University in diversity achievement and progress which will provide …

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Interview with Courtney Bray and Marianthi Hatzis of IU Opera’s Carmen

Some have called Carmen the “gateway” opera. Many of the songs in the work have been used in commercials and have been adapted to other musical purposes. A production of Carmen opens tomorrow at the IU Opera Theater. WFHB’s Doug Storm spoke with two members of the cast, Courtney Bray and Marianthi Hatzis, who perform their roles on February 26th …

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Indiana Forest Protection Bill, Once Stifled, Could Be Resurrected

Advocates for the preservation of Indiana forests have argued for years that the state is allowing too much logging to occur in state forests. And in recent years, attempts to address the issue with legislation have gone nowhere. But earlier today, news broke that Indiana State Senator Brent Steele, from Bedford, intends to support a measure that would protect some …

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Elementary Schoolers Research Bloomington African American Leader Elizabeth Bridgwaters


This year is the 100th anniversary of the original Banneker School, a segregated elementary and middle school in Bloomington. Elizabeth Bridgwaters was one of the major influences on Bloomington’s integration movement; she was a leader and Monroe County’s first elected African American elected official. Through the work of Bridgwaters and other remarkable African American leaders, Fairview School was integrated in …

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