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Elementary Schoolers Research Bloomington African American Leader Elizabeth Bridgwaters


This year is the 100th anniversary of the original Banneker School, a segregated elementary and middle school in Bloomington. Elizabeth Bridgwaters was one of the major influences on Bloomington’s integration movement; she was a leader and Monroe County’s first elected African American elected official. Through the work of Bridgwaters and other remarkable African American leaders, Fairview School was integrated in …

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IU Alum Evolves Poem from Personal Experiences

A poem is often a snapshot, a moment of life preserved in the pages of a book. But what happens when a poem becomes a tool for understanding the changes in the author’s life? Recent IU graduate Harlan Kelly has a poem that’s changed with him through a life experience we all face – growing up. Carter Barrett brings us …

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Interview with Monroe County Board of Commissioners Candidate Rick Dietz

After almost three decades on the Monroe County Board of Commissioners, Iris Kiesling has announced she won’t run for reelection this year. That has prompted several ambitious local residents to announce plans to compete for her position. The three members of the Commission function collectively as the executive of the Monroe County government, which has a 65 million dollar budget …

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Manufacturing Closures in Indiana and the Trans Pacific Partnership

Last week, two large manufacturing plants in Huntington and Indianapolis announced plans to move operations to Mexico. The announcement was a major blow to workers and a setback for Indiana’s economy. It has raised concerns about other potential closures, especially as the U.S. considers signing on to an expansive new trade agreement. The state of Indiana is currently trying to …

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Group of Experts on Environmental Policy Debate Merits of EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Last night a group of experts on environmental policy converged to debate the merits of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Just last week, the Supreme Court delayed the implementation of the plan, which sets limits on carbon emissions from power plants. States across the country, including Indiana, have filed lawsuits challenging the legality of the regulations. Speaking last night were …

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IU Student Finds Inspiration from His Barber

An Indiana University student found inspiration for a class assignment while visiting his barber last year. We bring you his story now for today’s WFHB community report. This story was produced as a partnership with an audio journalism class at IU.

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Excerpt from City Council Member, Steve Volan’s Talk: “Gownsburg: How American College Campuses Became Dysfunctional Towns”

On Tuesday, Bloomington City Council member Steve Volan gave a talk regarding Indiana University’s place, both within the city of Bloomington, and also as a city in of itself. The talk was hosted by the Poynter Center at IU. Volan is a master’s candidate in the IU Department of Geography. He is also a volunteer at WFHB. We bring you …

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Supreme Court Delays Enforcement of Clean Power Plan

Yesterday the US Supreme Court announced a decision to delay enforcement of the Clean Power Plan, a federal rule implemented last August that limits carbon emissions in existing power plants. Conservative justices prevailed in a five to four vote. The delay is related to a group of lawsuits filed by state governments, including Indiana, which oppose the emission limits. WFHB …

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Cast of Characters: James Wilder

jaywild IMG_3459_crop

In the WFHB series, Cast of Characters, we go looking for local people from interesting personal stories. We bring you another installment of the Cast of Characters series now with WFHB correspondent Amanda Marino.

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Mayor Hamilton Addresses Downtown Parking Meter Issues

Two and a half years after they were first installed, Bloomington’s parking meters are not working as advertised. Mayor John Hamilton held a press conference on Friday to discuss problems with the meters. The parking meters were strongly supported by the previous mayor, Mark Kruzan, who ended his third term as mayor in December. We bring you a portion of …

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