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Mayor John Hamilton Speaks with Bloomington Rotary Club

Last month Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton spoke to the Bloomington Rotary Club about the issues in the city, from housing to job creation. We bring you a portion of his comments now, for today’s WFHB community report. This clip begins with Hamilton speaking about the fallout from the November 8th election. That was Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton speaking last month at a …

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Boxcar Books Fundraiser on Saturday December 10

A volunteer-powered bookstore and community space, Boxcar Books, has run into financial trouble in recent months. The store, located at 408 East 6 th Street, launched a crowd funding campaign two months ago, seeking to raise as much as $7,500 to help pay rent. The campaign, hosted by Generosity.com is ongoing. And this Saturday, from 6 to 10 PM, Boxcar …

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“Civil Streets” Project Holds Community Conversation

In August, Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton announced an initiative to address complaints and issues surrounding safety and civility in downtown Bloomington. The initiative stems from complaints about aggressive panhandlers, and behavioral problems from some persons with mental health and drug abuse issues. The mayor also said some parks employees didn’t feel safe working in downtown parks, and cited public health …

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Big Talk! w/ Michael Glab: Dan “Carp” Combs

An institution in local politics, Dan “Carp” Combs has been Perry Township trustee since the mid-‘eighties, providing services for the needy and even making sure the abandoned Shortstop lot on the south side remains relatively clutter-free. Uniquely among American states, Indiana depends on the township form of government. Former Governor Mitch Daniels tried to eliminate the township system but failed. …

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Phone Jamming, Constant Surveillance, Flood Lights at Pipeline Protests


WFHB reporter Leah Carter was present at the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in North Dakota last week and she witnessed some of the most tense interactions between police and demonstrators. She brings us an account of police force and surveillance, as well as creative responses from demonstrators, in this report.  

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Daily Noon Courthouse Demonstration for Standing Rock Through December

Tomorrow at noon, local residents are set to begin a month-long action in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota. WFHB News Director Joe Crawford spoke with a local organizer for today’s WFHB community report.  Officials in North Dakota announced yesterday that they plan to try and block the flow of supplies from reaching protesters  at Standing …

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Breaking Ground on Extension of Crawford Homes, Supportive Housing for the Homeless

Yesterday, representatives from local organizations including Life Designs and the Shalom Community Center broke ground on what they call Crawford 2. The project is an extension of the Crawford Homes, a complex in Bloomington offering permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness. The new building will be constructed next to the existing Crawford Homes at 2440 South Henderson Street. In …

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Student Groups Speak on Donald Trump’s Election – from Bring It On!

In the wake of the November 8th election, Bloomington residents have organized a plethora of community meetings, marches, organizing events and rallies. Many are alarmed about the potential effects of a Donald Trump presidency. Earlier this month, the hosts of WFHB’s Bring it On spoke with three student activists who represented groups associated with Indiana University. Bring It On host, …

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Big Talk! w/ Michael Glab: Steven Westrich

The Bishop bar and live music venue doesn’t cater to the stereotypical binge-drinking, hell-raising undergraduate crowd. So how does the place stay open? Amid a number of live music venues coming and going in Bloomington, The Bishop has survived. Together with its building neighbor, the Comedy Attic, it forms a lively entertainment locus just south of Courthouse Square where townies …

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Mayor’s Deal Would Give Real Estate, Tax Break to Company Led By IU Trustee

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton speaks Nov. 16 at the Dimension Mill, where he announced he wants the city to give the building to the Tsuchiya Group, a Japan-based company whose North American branch is run by Indiana University Trustee Melanie Walker.

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton has announced that he wants the city to give an acre of downtown property to an auto parts manufacturer that wants to make its North American corporate headquarters there. In exchange, the company would create at least 18 jobs. The structure in question, the Dimension Mill, is just north of City Hall. The building is mostly …

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