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Daily Local News – August 19, 2013


Secretary of State Connie Lawson and her office reached an agreement regarding terms of a $14 million settlement with the Indiana State Teachers Association and the National Education Association; At a work session August 13th, the Monroe County Community School Board discussed if and how to issue another multi-million dollar bond; The Monroe County Public Library may soon end its test proctoring service, which a Library employee said has become too popular; State Road 54 in Greene County is closed to traffic beginning today.

Scientia Recieves Crane Contract
A software company based in Bloomington announced earlier this month it had reached a major new agreement with the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. The company, Scientia LLC was formed in 2010 by three former employees of the Center. For today’s WFHB feature exclusive, Assistant News Director Joe Crawford spoke with one of the owners about what the company produces and its relationship with the military.

Sarah Delone of the Monroe County Humane Association talks about the  the Association’s VIPaws therapy animal program. Learn about VIPaws and how you & your pet can become a part of this program.

Anchors: Maria McKinley, Doug Storm
Today’s headlines were written by Chris Martin, and David Murphy.
Along with help from Joe Crawford for CATSweek, in partnership with Community Access Television Servies
Our feature was produced by Joe Crawford
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Daily Local News – August 15th 2013


Hundreds of new parking meters were activated Monday in Bloomington’s central business district and so far downtown business owners and their customers seem to be taking the change in stride; Tonight at the Bluebird Bar, nine Bloomington residents will share ideas that inspire them for the year’s first Ignite Btown event; Starting tomorrow, the Indiana State Police will be cracking down on impaired drivers statewide; Researchers from the Indiana State Department of Health have found West Nile virus present in mosquitos in Monroe and Morgan Counties
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Congressman Todd Young Gives Climate Change Protesters Their 15 Minutes


Yesterday, citizens of Monroe County planned to hold a protest at representative Todd Young’s Office regarding their concerns about his position on climate change. What was intended as a protest turned into a fifteen-minute meeting in the congressman’s office. WFHB’s Kat Carlton has the story for today’s WFHB feature.

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