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Daily Local News – July 12, 2016


The Bloomington plan commission met last night and approved a new development for the current site of the Chocolate Moose building; Last week the Monroe County Commissioners approved spending $17,250 for behavioral health services and family therapy programs at Monroe County Community Corrections; Bloomington will host its third annual “Middle Coast Film Festival” on July 28th through 30th; IU president Michael McRobbie has been elected to the Council on Foreign Relations, a non-governmental think tank and membership organization specializing in foreign policy.

In early March, the Indiana legislature passed Senate Enrolled Act 61, affecting how Indiana voters can cast straight-party ballots. The bill was originally meant to fix over-voting in races in which voters can choose more than one candidate. The new statute says that “If a voter votes a straight party ticket for more than one political party, the whole ballot is void with regard to all candidates nominated by a political party or designated as independent candidates on the ballot.” Many people are concerned the new regulation will undermine a voter’s intent, and even has the potential to swing close races. This week Assistant News Director Sarah Vaughan spoke with Monroe County Clerk Nicole Browne about the effects of this section of the Indiana Code.

Retirement: Get Saving Now! Most experts say you need to have at least a year’s income in retirement savings by the time you’re 35. But it’s never too late to start, and there are options to help grow your nest egg if you’re starting late.

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