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Daily Local News – September 5, 2013


This afternoon, Chief Probation Officer Linda Brady announced that the Probation Department is moving to become an “Evidence-based Organization”; The City of Bloomington Planning Department is holding a workshop to gether public input on community goals for ImagineBloomington;An area of near-drought conditions is creeping closer to Bloomington, according to the federal drought monitor; The City of  Bloomington is partnering with the  American Red Cross; Indiana Senator Dan Coats wants to know what Hoosiers think about any U.S. military intervention in Syria in the near future; The Romanian Student Organization at Indiana University is protesting tomorrow against a mining project that was supported by the Romanian government in 2007.

New parking meters mean new costs for downtown street festivals – WFHB news director Alycin Bektesh has the report in today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Our weekly public opinion feature Voices in the Street hit the 4th Street Arts Festival.

Anchors: Jalisa Ransom, Scott Weddle
Today’s headlines were written by Mike Glab, Jalisa Ransom, Yvonne Cheng and Anson Shupe
Our feature was produced by Alycin Bektesh
Voices in the Street was produced by Kelly Wherley
Our engineer is Sarah Hettrick
Executive Producer is Alycin Bektesh

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