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Daily Local News – September 11, 2017


Monroe County Commissioners distribute more than $55,000 in grants to ten local drug treatment, prevention and support organizations; Indiana officials tell Hoosiers how to protect themselves after the Equifax data breach; City of Bloomington Utilities will keep water account balances unclaimed for seven years.


Five previously unpublished Kurt Vonnegut short stories, found in the Indiana University Lilly Library, will be published. Dan Wakefield, a longtime Vonnegut friend, spoke with News Director Wes Martin, about Indiana’s most famous modern author.


Levi Brock of the Monroe County Humane Association.


Today’s headlines were written by Jonah Chester and Sarah Vaughan. Our feature was produced by Wes Martin. Activate! is produced by Lucy Schaich of the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network. Our anchors were Doug Storm and Maria McKinley. Our engineer was Michael Glab. Our executive producer is Wes Martin.

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