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Daily Local News – October 11, 2017


WFHB’s fund drive is happening right now! Click on the donate button to pledge your support for independent local news! School busing services company Auxilio Services Incorporated will lose their contract with the Monroe County Community School Corporation on Friday. The Bloomington City council continues to wrestle with how to set parameters for growth while at the same time encouraging it. Monroe County Council members are expressing their excitement over two projects aimed at refurbishing existing manufacturing facilities on Bloomington’s west side. The Monroe County Council also supported the Cook Group’s plans to expand into the former GE facility by approving a year tax break.

Disasters and Precautions: Two devastating hurricanes and a horrible mass shooting have brought scammers and swindlers out of the woodwork everywhere, trying to grab the money donated to help the victims. Don’t get taken.

Today’s Anchors: Scott Weddle and Barbara Fuqua
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