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Daily Local News – November 28, 2017


The Monroe County Council will discuss a proposed 1% food and beverage tax in their meeting this evening; A South Bend law firm has alleged that hospitals and hospital systems across the state have defrauded taxpayers of 300 million dollars; State Road 135 through downtown Nashville in Brown County will be closed on Saturday; This Saturday also marks the return of the Bloomington Winter Farmers’ Market; Fraternity social events have been prohibited for members of Indiana University’s Greek system; Local fire officials usher in the holiday season with warnings about potential Christmas tree fires; Indiana State Police will conduct a sobriety checkpoint in Monroe County this weekend; Bloomington’s Lake Weimer will be turned into forest beginning next year.

Did you know that you can get thousands of dollars in assistance to purchase your home? Dan Niederman, with the city of Bloomington’s Housing and Urban Development Department speaks with WFHB News Director Wes Martin, about homebuyer courses that look to educate and give first-time home owners a leg up on Bloomington’s expensive housing market.

WFHB’s weekly community resources segment, Everyday People, talk about grief and suffering. How to be there for your loved ones and some tips on coping with loss.

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