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Daily Local News – November 1, 2017


Fatal Attraction and 101 Dalmatians Actress Glenn Close has donated her costume collection to Indiana University’s School of Art, Architecture and Design. Indiana is now a sister state with Karnataka, India, a delegation from Indiana, including Governor Eric Holcomb, signed an agreement in Bangalore on Monday. Vendors at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market will now have access to water year round. Vendors at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market will now have access to water year round. Southbound traffic on Highway 37 is now restricted to a single lane. The city of Bloomington announced it’s in the planning stages with Indiana University to develop a bike-share project.

FEATURE: Opioid Crisis Creating Child Abuse and Neglect Epidemic!
The national opioid epidemic, which President Donald Trump declared a Public Health Emergency last week, is changing the face of child abuse and neglect in Indiana and causing more children to become wards of the state. Experts and advocates say the overwhelming number of cases and the severity of the cases is taking a toll on state resources. As WFHB Correspondent Jonah Chester reports, in the last five years the number of children in need of state services has doubled. Chester speaks with representatives from Family Solutions and the Monroe County Court-Appointed Special Advocates programs. More of WFHB’s coverage on the state’s ongoing opioid epidemic and the status of children in Indiana is available through our website, at WFHB dot ORG.

Stealing your computing power to mine Bitcoins may not be illegal, but some of the scams that have recently been taken down certainly were!

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