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Daily Local News – May 8, 2017


Donald Trump is threatening to increase taxes on a company that is moving jobs out of Indianapolis; Indiana’s bicentennial projects are costing Hoosiers more than former Governor Mike Pence promised; A City of Bloomington press release announced that May is National Bikes Month; This year is the 25th anniversary of the nation-wide “Stamp out Hunger” food drive; Bloomington residents are happy with the city’s available entertainment, cultural activities and sense of community, but upset about parking, homelessness and a lack of affordable housing.

The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs last week named Brown County as a finalist in its Hometown Collaboration Initiative. The goal of the Hometown Collaboration Initiative, or HCI, is to coach local teams on data gathering and developing strategies that will ultimately lead to broad based support for and success of local development initiatives. The HCI program is a partnership with the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, the Indiana Communities Institute at Ball State, and Purdue University’s Center for Regional Development. Reporter Sarah Vaughan spoke Tina Bedey of the Brown County Redevelopment Commission to learn more about the multi-phase initiative and what it means for Brown County.

Reova Meredith began the Center for Women’s Ministries, offering Bloomington women 30 years of excellent, free counseling. Having experienced the value of professional counseling herself, Reova was struck by the unfair reality that many others do not have the financial resources to access this type of care. By founding and supporting this organization, Reova has allowed countless women access to counseling they sought. The course of women through the program provides an opportunity for them to give back through volunteer counseling. Reova has expertly designed a pairing system that other professionals in the field refer to and utilize. Reova sets a beautiful example for others in the Bloomington community to step up and address a need they see. Her hard work and innovative approach have allowed many women to get the assistance they desire.

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