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Daily Local News – May 2, 2014


Bloomington City Council members asked Wednesday whether proposed financial controls at the city could hurt employee morale; County Clerk Linda Robbins said May 1st the County still had eight poll worker positions to fill for the primary election; The Bloomington branch of Ivy Tech Community College has named Jennie Vaughan as Chancellor; Two Indiana University faculty members – Shannon Gayk and William Newman – have been selected as fellows for the National Humanities Center.

Four months into the healthcare exchange set up by the Affordable Care Act, Indiana Governor Mike Pence is still working out details with the federal government for Hoosiers to obtain healthcare. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was joined yesterday by CMS Communications Director Julie Bataille and Director of the HHS Office of Health Reform Michael Hash, in a conference call with updates to the Health Insurance Marketplace in Indiana. We bring you some of that call now for today’s WFHB feature report.

Local organizations scout the listening area for service help on Volunteer Connection, linking YOU to current volunteer opportunities in our community.

Anchors: Helen Harrell, Chris Martin
Today’s headlines were written by Neal Earley,
Along with Joe Crawford for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Our feature was produced by Sarah Hetrick.
Volunteer Connection is produced by Wanda Krieger, in partnership with the city of Bloomington Volunteer Network.
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