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Daily Local News – May 19th, 2014


There will be a protest at the Chipotle Restaurant on Kirkwood Avenue Saturday, May 24th; The Monroe County Commission accepted a $119,000 state grant May 16th to pay for a program aimed at protecting endangered adults; Hoosiers are being reminded to ‘click it or ticket.’ Bloomington Police Department is increasing efforts to enforce proper seatbelts and restraints with Memorial Day approaching; A scientist, an artist and a musician from Indiana University have created a short film about human communication throughout history.

Last week Governor Mike Pence unveiled his plan for covering the 350,000 Hoosiers who have been ineligible for both Affordable Care Act coverage and the Healthy Indiana Plan during the past year as Pence has resisted adopting the ACA and accepting federal funding to provide health insurance to those in need. The Daily Local news ran reports from affordable insurance advocates last week, and today, brings you the Governors take on accessible health insurance, for today’s Daily Local news feature report.

Sandy Myers, volunteer coordinator for the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Don Westerhouse, a ReStore volunteer, discuss the ReStore’s mission and put out the call for the community to Fill the Gap by volunteering with them this summer.

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